Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kluge and Musa

Kluge and Musa Most Expensive Town in America "Ultimately we'd like to buy the home, but the bank has an unrealistic expectation for the purchase price," asserts Jason D. Greenblatt, general counsel for the Trump Organization. "We do have Right of First Refusal on that piece [the Albemarle home], so that if and when the bank finds a buyer, they would have to come to us first to see if we want to take it."

The Trump Organization also bid in December on Kluge's winery properties, but its offer was rejected by Farm Credit. Greenblatt says he's planning to travel to Charlottesville to tour the grounds and discuss buying the Kluge properties from the banks that now own them.

Kluge remains embroiled in the restitution claims and disputes related to the foreclosures, according to a source close to her, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Kluge herself is remaining mum.

Despite their financial troubles, Kluge and Moses continue to live in a home that many would consider palatial. It's a $3 million Vineyard Estates property they had built on spec back in the days when it seemed as if no real estate deal, or vintage, would ever go sour.

By: Morgan Brennan

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