Monday, June 27, 2011

True Story of Amanda Knox

True Story of Amanda Knox author of MURDER IN ITALY, . Best True Crime Book 2010 Editor’s, Reader’s Choice awards.

In comments with journalists, Girlanda expressed satisfaction with this reply and took a swipe at the case’s three-ring- circus coverage. As the lawmaker told Umbria24:

“President Napolitano speaks clearly to me and to the Fondazione Italia USA, as far as my commitment to Amanda, which comforts and motivates me to greater effort because we are coming closer to the the truth, as seems to be happening during the appeal process. I take comfort that even the President of the Republic, with his moral and political authority representing the whole nation, personally follows the case of Amanda Knox and will assess the ‘complexity’ beyond the easy and superficial conclusions that so often emerge in the media.”

MURDER IN ITALY, my book on the spell-binding Amanda Knox case, is a Library Journal Bestseller. Winner of Best True Crime 2010 Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice awards. Called “a real-life murder mystery as terrifying and compelling as fiction,” it’s built on diary excerpts, wiretaps, court scenes, trial transcripts, first-hand experience and interviews with key players for all sides.

MURDER IN ITALY is online at, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound and bookstores. It’s also a Kindle & ebook. I’ll blog about the Knox case until the final appeal.

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