Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jennifer Lopez imitating Rihanna

Jennifer Lopez imitating Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez has added impersonator to her long list of talents by imitating Rihanna on an American TV show. Taking part in a spoof of the American charity single for Haiti, We Are.

The World, J-Lo wore a cropped blonde wig, a jacket with shoulder pads and a pair of black sunglasses to get the look of the Caribbean singer while appearing on Saturday Night Live. But she was not above poking fun at herself, making a reference to her former relationship with rap star P Diddy. She might have been relieved about.

The outfit which was picked for her if she knew about Rihanna's recent appearance on Alan Carr's show Chatty Man, where she donned a hair net to perform her latest hit Rude Boy. Never shy over giving a performance, the American comedy show managed to get a few more performances out of the Maid in Manhattan actress by dressing her up as a nun in a soap opera sketch and in a dressing gown in another scene.

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