Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pregnant, Jennifer Lopez cryingHamil 5 Months

Pregnant, Jennifer Lopez cryingHamil 5 Months, J-Lo Jumped Weight 21 Kg LOS ANGELES - As the pregnant women in general who gained weight, Jennifer Lopez, too. At five months gestation, the weight of the singer who was familiarly called J-Lo is soaring up to 21 kg.

"The body of J-Lo is now very big and looks scary. His weight increased by 21 kg. His face was round like a person who mengemut water in the mouth," said a source, quoted by Female First, on Wednesday (19/12/2007). In order to maintain the content, the wife of Marc Anthony while it promised to break from her career. J-Lo will be again a career again after the baby was born in the spring of next year.

"He'll break began last month ahead of the birth of her baby. Thus, the public will not notice the appearance of J-Lo again for a while," he added. Stomach that looks great with a soaring body weight reinforced allegations J-Lo will give birth to twins. Moreover, previous, J-Lo and Marc looks shopped baby items are always a couple, with pink and blue. Not only that, there are also embroidery reads "princes" and "princess" on a pair of baby clothes hired J-Lo. He also ordered a baby store Petit Tresor to design baby's room at his residence in Bel Air, Fisher Island and Oyster Bay.

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