Sunday, July 3, 2011

Russell Brand was 'infatuated' with Kate Moss

Russell Brand was 'infatuated' with Kate Moss Russell Brand has finally revealed about his fling with Kate Moss in the second part of his autobiography, Booky Wook 2, and has claimed that he was infatuated with her.

The comedian said he didn't mention about the supermodel in his previous book because he had an incredible love and respect for the actress. "I didn't want to have a book where I attack people for having kiss and tells, then do a kiss and tell within the book," the Sun quoted him as saying. "But it's such a vital element, such a vital episode of my life, it was incredible. "I thought when I was writing it, 'I don't want her to be upset when she reads it'. I thought if I said something that was intimate then that would be bad. It was more like an encounter with an angel. "The second book is money, models, pop stars and Hollywood. So I thought it was important it maintained the sense I'm a sort of game show winner, as opposed to 'look at me!'
"I had a mad infatuation with her. I didn't feel all cool. It didn't feel like a conquest, it felt like I fell down a well. "I was like a 12-year-old. There was a night where I went and saw the band Dirty Pretty Things and she'd gone separately with Sadie Frost.

"When I saw she was there I felt totally overwhelmed because she is obviously incredibly beautiful and she is Kate Moss."I'd only been famous for about half an hour. Then she sort of looked at me and smiled, then she sent me a text message a bit later, saying, 'Do you wanna meet up?'

"I said 'Yeah, I'll come round'. She said there were paps outside so I couldn't come round. I said I'd dress up as a charlady or something. "I did go round - but not as a charlady. I snuck in some other way. It was mad that was. "I fed that up because I really, really liked her. It was never going to go anywhere but it was mad. She had an assistant - that was amazing to me, a personal assistant - the way things ran in her house. "I just thought she was remarkable. The reason I didn't speak about it ever before is out of respect for her. I was scared to speak about it now because she's protective of herself.
"Other than one or two little scandals, she never talks and she deserves the privacy," he said.


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