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6 celebrities who become trendsetters Hair Style

6 celebrities who become trendsetters Hair Style

As a public figure, only natural that celebrities be role models for many people. This is true in many fields, including hair style. Here are six celebrities who styles his hair was imitated by many women around the world.

1. Farah Fawcett
In the 70s, when Farah Fawcett appeared in the movie Charlie's Angels with berlayer long hair and blow-out, women all over the world began to imitate his hairstyle. Until now, many middle-aged woman in Indonesia, whose hair was still styled like this.

 2. Lady Diana
The women who Farah Fawcett-style hair, in the 80s started to switch to a similar hairstyle, but with a shorter cut. This hairstyle was inspired by Princess Diana, who was on the rise due to newly married Prince Charles.

3. Demi Moore
Short hair a la Demi Moore began to bloom in 1990 when the movie Ghost playing in theaters. Although classified as very short pieces, many women who dare to try it. Even the salons of the time "selling" this hair style as "style of Demi Moore."

4. Linda Evangelista
For those who do not dare to cut her hair short as Demi Moore, some women began to try to bob haircut a la supermodel Linda Evangelista. This style is quite durable because even now are still considered trendy and worn by many women.

5. Jennifer Aniston
Around the year 1995, when serial friends began playing on television, hair styles random layer ala Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston attract many people. The hair is also known by the name of this shaggy also be one of the popular haircuts many Indonesian women in those days.

6. Agyness Deyn
If there is an 80-year short hair a la Demi Moore, then in the 21st century supermodel Agyness Deyn was the one who so short hair trendsetter. Hair cut short like a man but with the accent of stylish bangs much imitated by young women around the world.

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