Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Libido Booster Pack food

Libido Booster Pack food What is produced by the body, depending on what you eat. Included in this arousing sex with a partner. There are some foods that can raise your libido, so activity will be more enjoyable sex. To be more vibrant, you have to enjoy these foods in a way that 'different'.
1. Celery
Probably never imagined in your mind to use celery as a libido booster food, but fresh greenery is very potent. Celery contains androstone, a hormone to release aroma typical man who will make women instantly turn on.

Enjoy with sexy: Slice celery thinly and place in container. Let your partner celery sprinkled it on top of your stomach and then eat it directly.

2. Scallop
Shellfish is seafood that has long been believed to arouse the libido to produce sperm thanks to the rich content of zinc in oysters and produce the hormone testosterone can increase libido. That way, you and your partner can be equally enthusiastic.

Enjoy with sexy: Clean the shell with a brush. If you do not like raw oysters, boiled with a little ginger and lemon. Then enjoy with suck. This sucking sound will be a pleasant sensation of foreplay.

3. Banana
Are you smiling after arriving in this part? Fresh bananas contain the enzyme bromelain which can increase libido and prevent impotence in men. Also, bananas also contain potassium, vitamin B and riboflavin which can maintain the freshness of the body during sex.

Enjoy with sexy: Cut bananas in the form of spheres. Then the order on your body that is not wearing clothes. Your partner will be happy and spend the banana for a hotter sessions.

4. Avocado
Do not be afraid of the fat in avocados, because fat is good fat fruit. The Aztecs called the avocado in antiquity as the fruit of the testis. And it proved to research presented that avocados have a high folic acid, which can launch a process of change proteins into energy needed during sex. Not only in men but also women.

Enjoy with sexy: Cut avocado in half, remove seeds. Dab the meat is tender, then let your partner enjoy it from your fingers. Vice versa.

5. Mango, Peach, and Strawberry
Third this fruit contains vitamin C that much ... ah ... You do not need too much to know the nutritional content of fruit is third. To be sure, foreplay you'll be very fun when interspersed with fruit that has a chewy texture, juicy, as well as sticky. You can use all three to experiment.

Enjoy with sexy: Wash and cut fruit. You can put it on your partner's body and licking it. Want a different sensation of oral sex, just coat the area around the penis are paired with fruit juice.

6. Chocolate
Yup, this is the favorite food the women as well as to boost the libido. The content of phenylethylamine in chocolate will make her feel very loved. And the secret of great sex from a woman is feeling. In addition, anti-oxidants in chocolate is also able to keep the immune system.

Enjoy with sexy: Melt the dark chocolate, place in a small bowl until warm. Pour just brown it on the partner's body that you want to 'enjoy'.

Source: Metro TV News    

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