Friday, May 6, 2011

Familiarizing Lupus Disease

Familiarizing Lupus Disease Lupus disease was allegedly the cause of death as cancer. Until now there has been no drug that can cure this disease completely. Let's find out more in the disease lupus.

Lupus is taken from the Latin word meaning "dog". The first time the disease was discovered about a century ago, people thought the disease was caused by dog bites. However, after various studies conducted, the exact cause of this disease was found.

Excerpted from Healthy doctor, the disease lupus is caused by the immune system that is too powerful that attack cells in the body itself. Various organ systems such as skin tissue, muscle, bone, kidneys, nervous system, cardiovascular system, lungs, lining of the lungs, liver, digestive system, eyes, brain, and blood vessels and blood cells can be attacked by lupus disease, and not infrequently, cause of death.

"The disease can be on all levels of society, 1-5 in a 100 thousand inhabitants. He also is genetically [can be derived], "said Dr. Rahmat Gunadi of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Padjadjaran.

"Women are more often exposed to 60-10 times that of men, especially at the age of 15-40 years," said Dr. Gunadi again. He added that the nations of Africa and Asia are more vulnerable than whites. In addition, of course, people with families.

"This disease arises due to the sensitivity factors and trigger factors of the infection, drug use, exposed to sun exposure, use of birth control pills, and stress."

Here are common symptoms of lupus patients who described Dr Gunadi:

1. The skin is easily burned by the sun and the incidence of digestive disorders.
2. Generally, patients often feel weak, excessive fatigue, fever and sore. This phenomenon is mainly observed in the active period, whereas during remission (inactive) disappeared.
3. In the skin, red rash will appear which runs on both cheeks, like a butterfly is commonly called butterfly rash. However, red rash resembling discs can appear in the skin throughout the body, prominent and sometimes scaly. Seeing the many symptoms of this disease, the woman who was attacked by two or more symptoms alone, should be suspected of suffering from lupus.
4. Anemia, due to red blood cells are destroyed by the disease lupus.
5. Hair loss and fatigue are often excessive.

Until now, no treatment that can cure lupus in total. That there is only treatment to prevent expansion.

Welcoming the World Lupus Day which falls on 7 May, Duha Shams Foundation (SDF) - an organization that engages in a competition that aims to push various studies supplement therapy for lupus.

Care for Lupus titled SDF Awards 2011, the show will give awards to researchers, writers and people who contributed in increasing public awareness of lupus and its infected.

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