Friday, May 6, 2011

Truth Myths Moving in Fashion World

Truth Myths Moving in Fashion World Many of the myths that circulate in the world of fashion over the years. But there never was a sure truth. Rather than believing the myth that is not true, yuk we check the truth.

Myth: The black color suitable for everyone
Fact: Not all skin colors match the color black. some skin colors look brighter even when wearing bright colors like red, orange and so forth.

Myth: The horizontal line makes the body look fatter
Fact: Studies have shown that the mode of the line (is) big in fact make a person look thinner.

Myth: Bags and shoes must be the same color
Fact: Now the prevailing trend is often 'forced' fashion lovers to 'play around with different colors, including bags and shoe color to distinguish them.

Myth: body curves intersect can be hidden by baggy pants
Fact: In fact, the body look bigger when wearing baggy pants intersect. In fact clothes with pieces that fit (fitted) to make one's body looks slim.

Myth: The skirt length to make someone look shorter
Fact: In fact, a long skirt can make someone look taller and slimmer if combined with an appropriate blouse.
Myth: Those who have small feet and wear skinny fit any
Fact: The legs are too skinny will look strange if you wear skirts that are too short.

Myth: Clothing with a decorative bead-sperm (sequinned) only to be used at night
Fact: Many aatau shirt jacket decorated with beads suitable for use in daylight

Myth: Only use matching rocker leather jacket
Fact: leather jacket suited for anyone, even had time to be a trend in the years 2009-2010.

Myth: Denim and denim can not padupadankan
Fact: In the year 2010, blouse denim denim combined with a subordinate to world trends. (Look at Balmain fashion show and Guess).

By Ayu Kinanti Friday May 6, 2011 3:29 pm CDT

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