Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sitting eventually turned out Cancer Trigger

Sitting eventually turned out Cancer Trigger Important note, sitting too long at a computer all day is not good. Health can also be disrupted. Research shows that spending ten years or more in permanent jobs, increasing the risk almost doubled developed several types of colon cancer.
Worse, the researchers even found workers who regularly maintain fitness or go to the gym is still two times more likely to get tumors.

The findings in the American Journal of Epidemiology, highlighting the dangers of modern working patterns, where a large number of employees tied to the front desk for hours at a time.

The study also supports previous research findings that show a man who sits all day in their work 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer rather than with a very active job.

More than 37,500 people per year in the UK are diagnosed with colon cancer. This disease has a high mortality rate - around 16,000 years - because many victims ignore the early warning signs and seek medical help only after the cancer has been advanced.
Diets high in fat and red meat, and lack of exercise, is considered one of the major risk factors, such as reported by Dailymail, Tuesday (19 / 4).

But the latest study by a team of experts at the University of Western Australia, show a long time physical inactivity during the day can also be a big risk - even among those who do a lot of practice in their spare time.

Recent research from the U.S. emphasize a lot of adults now spend about 55 per time their work by sitting. Australian researchers spoke with 918 colon cancer patients and compare their work patterns with 1021 cancer-free volunteers.

They were asked about their employment history, lifestyle and physical activity levels.

The results showed that employees spend more than a decade in the permanent job is as much as 94 percent more likely to suffer from intestinal tumors in the area known as the distal colon, part of the large intestine that connects to the rectum.

Researchers then found permanent employment pattern increases the likelihood of rectal cancer by 44 percent over ten years. It said the findings show there is no amount of activity in leisure time can reduce the losses derived from long periods of sitting in the workplace.

"We find people who spend the most time in jobs that require them to sit long had a risk of distal colon cancer two-fold greater than those who spend time with a little sit down,"wrote the researchers. "Even a strong physical activity or recreation not modify the effect of work who settled it. "

Sitting too long at work is thought to cause increased levels of blood sugar and insulin production damage, both associated with the development of colon cancer. However, sitting too long can also lead to inflammation deep within the body, known risk factors for tumors, the researchers said.

Dr Claire Knight, health information officer at Cancer Research UK, said the findings support other studies on physical activity and cancer. But he cautioned the findings need to be replicated in larger studies.

"It's a fairly small studies that rely on asking people about their behavior years ago, which can make (the results) less reliable. But this study reflect a larger study to show that physical inactivity may mean more cancer risk great, "he added.

"Even a small amount of physical activity can be good for your health and with more active we are, the more we can help reduce our cancer risk. Being physically active also helps to maintain a healthy weight, which we know can reduce the risk of various types of cancer," he concluded.

Source: Metro TV News     

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